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2 weeks of easy dinners
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2 Weeks of Easy Dinners

If you find yourself cooking at home more than usual, my 2 Weeks of Easy Dinners guide is designed to make your life simpler. It provides hearty dinner meals for 2 WEEKS which are easy to make and even more fun to eat. Yay! With a little planning, you’ll be […]

steak and potato salad on a white plate
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Steak & Potato Salad

I love a good steak and potato. So, why not turn this popular combo into a Steak & Potato Salad? Let’s do it! This meal is as easy as cutting up some potatoes and steak, then popping it into a hot cast iron skillet. (ad) Add a few tomatoes and […]

chicken fried steak in a casserole dish on a floral napkin
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Chicken Fried Steak

The name is funny, but Chicken Fried Steak is some serious southern YUMMINESS. In fact, you can’t really call yourself ‘southern’ unless you’ve made a big batch of Chicken Fried Steak with Cream Gravy. When I was a little girl, I called this dish ‘Sticky Meat’ because it stuck together […]

turkey florentine lasagna in a casserole dish
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Turkey Florentine Lasagna

Sometimes it’s hard to get in the required amount of veggies every day, especially if you’re trying to feed fussy eaters. Turkey Florentine Lasagna to the rescue! I promise if you make this dish, no one will care if you throw spinach into the mix. They also won’t notice you […]

hearty beef stew in a blue dutch oven with carrots, potatoes and beef
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Hearty Beef Stew

Don’t you just love comfort food that can be prepared and served in one, big pot? My Momma was the best one-pot cooker in all the world. Her avocado-green dutch oven could turn any meal into a masterpiece. She taught me how to make Hearty Beef Stew, which is still […]