Do you love sassy, southern food? If so, pull up a chair and sit a spell! Quiche My Grits® is all about flavorful food that's fun to eat, and even more fun to make. You've landed in the right spot to learn about my blog and what makes this southern girl smile. 🙂

My Favorite Things

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How Did This Blog Get Its Name?

Quiche My Grits® is a southern thing. Ever heard of 'Kiss my Grits' that was made famous by Flo on the TV sitcom, Mel's Diner? Well, substitute 'quiche' for kiss and you've got a fun little pun with a whole lotta sass!

What Folks Are Saying...

  • Dan: Love your recipes! So easy and delicious!
  • Beline: Best corned beef and cabbage I've ever made.
  • Petra: Fabulous salad! Many thanks for your great ideas.
  • Vivian: These cookies are so good I must thank you twice!

Let's Have Some Fun!

I'm a firm believer that cooking should be simple and fun. The easier it is to make a recipe, the more fun it will be.

Most of my recipes can be made in less than an hour and many are under 30 minutes from start to finish. All of my dishes are full of flavor, and some are unapologetically cooked with butter. (Now, that's sassy!)

My Recipes

Everything I publish is straight from the heart. I handle all of the photography, website design, writing, recipe development and cooking out of my very own kitchen.

What may surprise you is that I offer over 50 Vegetarian Recipes for anyone following a vegetarian lifestyle. Some friends call me the Dutch Oven Queen because I love cooking in a cast iron dutch oven more than anything!

Hungry? You can search for hundreds of my delicious dishes by visiting the Recipe Index, or check out what's new by going to New Recipes. You'll find everything from newfangled ideas to Sassy Southern Classics!


  • I'm the former owner and operator of a local Café that I designed with a couple of friends. Owning a restaurant gave me the experience and knowledge to create this blog. Although we no longer operate the Café, it's still in business serving many of the recipes I originally created.
  • Being a Café owner inspired me to try new things, ultimately branching out to cater weddings and events. I've catered every type of party imaginable, and created elaborate themes and decor to enhance each space.
  • I've been a home cook for over 45 years, and although my roots are southern, I love to create and develop new recipes based on classic and familiar dishes.


The Blue Ridge Mountains are my home, and constantly inspire me by their beauty and rich southern history.

Growing up, I was heavily influenced by my mother and grandmothers, who were as different as night and day. Granny Tag was a city girl, while Granny Mac grew up in the country. Both were cooks by trade and taught me all about being sassy in the kitchen!

Read about the cooks who inspired me.

Join Me!

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Contact Me

Have a question or comment? Send me an email at info@quichemygrits(dot)com. I love to hear from my readers...and I welcome new ideas for recipes based on your family favorites!

Have a SASSY day!