ham and egg brunch bake on a sheet pan
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Ham & Egg Brunch Bake

Ham & Egg Brunch Bake is a great way to start your day! It’s the perfect treat to serve at celebrations such as bridal showers, tea parties, family brunches and baby gender reveals. The crispiness of the crust combined with the smokiness of the ham will make your taste buds […]

mini quiche tart appetizers on a white plate
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Mini Quiche Tarts

When you’re looking for an appetizer that will make an impression, Mini Quiche Tarts are the perfect choice! They’re buttery, savory and filled with spinach-parmesan goodness that will make you say “ooh” and “ahhh.” I’ve made Mini Quiche Tarts for wedding receptions, bridal showers, and holiday brunches. Everyone loves them […]

bacon apricot cheese spread on a white plate with parsley and apricot garnish
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Bacon Apricot Cheese Spread

Cheese Spreads never go out of style. They’re so versatile and delicious that you’ll frequently see them at holiday celebrations. My favorite cheese spreads have the perfect balance of jam and savory cheeses blended together. If you try my recipe for Bacon Apricot Cheese Spread, I bet you’ll agree! The […]

spinach artichoke dip with crostini
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Spinach Artichoke Dip

I’ve made a ton of dips in my life, but this is the best Spinach Artichoke Dip I’ve ever tasted. It’s been known to make spinach haters turn into spinach lovers with just one bite. The secret is in the seasoning. There are other fun ingredients involved like cream cheese, […]

meatballs for appetizers in a skillet
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Tailgate Meatballs

Football season is here! And down south, it’s like our new year has just begun. We might as well make our calendar run from August to February… ’cause everything in-between pales in comparison. It’s time for some Tailgate Meatballs! I really get excited when the weather starts to change and […]