Halloween Party Finger Foods

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Trick or Treat with these Halloween Party Finger Foods that will thrill your party guests! Enjoy these easy Halloween party treats for kids of all ages!

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Trick or Treat!

Remember how much fun it was to go door to door on Halloween night when you were a kid? Now, it's more fun to stay indoors and make these holiday treats to entertain your friends and family!

You'll find Halloween party appetizers that will blow your mind, spooky decorations, and desserts in all shapes and sizes to get you in the Halloween spirit!

You'll love this collection of Halloween Party Finger Foods featuring everything from the haunted to the hilarious!

Be sure to view the party decorating tips and snack ideas between each section to help you plan the best event on the block!

Spooky Desserts

witch finger shortbread cookies for halloween.

Witch Finger Shortbread Cookies

Here's one of those tasty finger foods that's actually a finger! Witch Finger Shortbread Cookies are a scary way to dress up your Halloween treat table. Dip them in white chocolate that has been tinted with red food coloring to imitate a bloody scene!

GET THE RECIPE: https://thesuburbansoapbox.com/witch-finger-shortbread-cookies

cherry hand pies made to look like mummies for halloween.

Mummy Cherry Hand Pies

Mummy Cherry Hand Pies are an easy and haunted Halloween treat! With candy eyes and bloody cherry pie, just add some scary movies and you'll create a frightening evening.

GET THE RECIPE: https://boulderlocavore.com/mummy-cherry-hand-pies-recipe

fake eyeballs on top of a cake with white icing.

Halloween Cake with Eyeballs

This Halloween cake with candy eyeballs is a creepy dessert that’s sure to be the hit of the party! It's the perfect dessert for a Halloween dinner party that will creep out your guests.

GET THE RECIPE: https://www.texanerin.com/halloween-cake-with-eyeballs

Zombie Guts Cinnamon Rolls

Don’t let looks fool you, these “Zombie Guts” are actually super delicious red velvet cinnamon rolls! It's a monster mash up in the worst way...and guaranteed to be one of the most spooky snacks you'll ever serve!

GET THE RECIPE: https://www.inthekidskitchen.com/zombie-guts-halloween-cinnamon-rolls

popcorn with red coloring made to look like blood with bones in it.

Bloody Popcorn with Bones

This bloody popcorn with bones will get everyone's attention. It looks like the real thing which makes it one of the most perfect Halloween appetizers!

GET THE RECIPE: https://www.findingzest.com/bloody-popcorn-with-bones-for-halloween

  • Plan menus ahead by printing out recipes to create a shopping list.
  • Send out invitations or online invites at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • Make name cards for desserts so guests will know what they're eating.
  • Draw a diagram of how you want the food arranged.
  • Make a playlist of spooky music to play during the party.

Halloween Cookies

crinkle cookies that look like monsters in a skeleton hand.

Monster Eye Crinkle Cookies

These cake mix Halloween cookies are easy to make and a great idea (even if they are little monsters). They look really freaky on top of skeleton fingers!

GET THE RECIPE: https://xoxobella.com/halloween-monster-eye-crinkle-cookies

halloween mummy cookies in white.

Mummy Cookies

Mummy cookies are fun, delicious, and super easy to make with simple ingredients. Be sure to put these on your Halloween party menu!

GET THE RECIPE: https://www.cookedbyjulie.com/mummy-cookies

halloween sweet treat witch hat cookies.

Witch Hat Cookies

Witch Hat Cookies are a tasty and creative party treat made with homemade chocolate cookies and Hershey's kisses! They're a fun way to celebrate Halloween night with the kids!

GET THE RECIPE: https://crayonsandcravings.com/witch-hat-cookies

cookies made with M & M's in orange and white.

Halloween M&M Cookies

With Halloween colored M&Ms and ingredients from your kitchen, you can easily and quickly bake up a batch of these chewy cookies. It's one of those sugary treats you don't mind sharing!

GET THE RECIPE: https://easycookierecipes.com/halloween-mm-cookies

sugar cookies with rolo chocolate spiders on top.

Spider Cookies

If you’re looking for one of those easy recipes that the kids will love (and help create)...this is it! There's nothing like a saucy spider to get Halloween parties started...especially when it has creepy eyeballs!

GET THE RECIPE: https://www.inthekidskitchen.com/easy-halloween-spider-cookies

  • When decorating with several dishes on one table, elevate them.
  • Use stacks of sturdy boxes or books to arrange food at various heights.
  • Cover boxes with black tablecloths, then drape with white spider webs.
  • Scatter plastic spiders and mice around the food.
  • Turn the desserts into a charcuterie board for a fun spin on the recipes.

Haunted Cakes and Candy

halloween party toffee with a spider on top.

Halloween Toffee

Loaded with toasted almonds in each buttery bite, this creepy toffee adds a festive touch. It's a spooky Halloween party food you can make without much effort.

GET THE RECIPE: https://burrataandbubbles.com/halloween-toffee

frankenstein characters made into cake pops for party treats.

Frankenstein Cake Pops

Frankenstein Cake Pops are super cute, slightly spooky, and SO much fun! These are one of those easy Halloween treats that demand attention!

GET THE RECIPE: https://thesoccermomblog.com/frankenstein-halloween-cake-pops

orange icing draped over a pumpkin cake to resemble cinderella's carriage.

Cinderella Cake

Help Cinderella get back into her pumpkin carriage before the clock strikes midnight! You'll love the pumpkin shape of this cake, but the best part is how delicious it tastes!

GET THE RECIPE: https://www.smartypantskitchen.com/cinderella-cake-with-coachmans-icing

witches hats made of chocolate melting into candy bark.

Melting Witches Chocolate Bark

This is a really easy and yummy melting witches chocolate bark. The bright colors look great on your party table alongside a big bowl of candy corn!

GET THE RECIPE: https://foodmeanderings.com/melting-witch-halloween-chocolate-bark

chocolate cake with spider web piped on top.

Chocolate Spider Web Cake

This spider web cake is spooky, chocolatey...and totally delicious! It will be the main event at your big bash!

GET THE RECIPE: https://intheplayroom.co.uk/chocolate-halloween-spider-web-cake

  • Serve Witches Brew from a black plastic cauldron.
  • Throw peeled grapes into the punch to look like eyeballs.
  • Purchase dry ice and place it around the cauldron on a tray.
  • Set out platters and bowls, then label where each dessert should go.
  • Use creepy containers to hold silverware and napkins.

Treats to Make with Kids

strawberries covered in white icing to look like ghosts.

Strawberry Ghosts

These strawberry ghosts are a ghoulish way to enjoy dessert at your next party! The kids will love dipping strawberries in melted white chocolate chips and adding spooky faces!

GET THE RECIPE: https://www.everyday-delicious.com/strawberry-ghosts

RIP cookie coming up out of halloween dirt cups that looks like the ground.

Halloween Dirt Cups

Halloween Dirt Cups are an easy, no bake dessert made with homemade chocolate pudding and dark chocolate Oreo crumbs! There's no Halloween party snacks until the graveyard shows up!

GET THE RECIPE: https://sugarandcharm.com/dirt-cups

marshmallows made in the shape of halloween characters.

Halloween Marshmallows

Smothered in melted chocolate with fun faces, your kids will love these silly marshmallows on a stick! They're the perfect way to celebrate Halloween!

GET THE RECIPE: https://mamalovestocook.com/halloween-marshmallows

haystack candy made in the shape of a mummy.

Mummy Haystacks

NO bake mummy haystacks are a peanut butter treat that both kids and adults love. Break out the Halloween movies and have a great time making these fun treats with the whole family!

GET THE RECIPE: https://temeculablogs.com/mummy-haystacks

chex mix made with cookies and candy for halloween.

Chex Mix Muddy Buddies

Chex Mix Muddy Buddies (aka Puppy Chow) is a great snack for October. It's one of those easy Halloween finger foods you can't stop eating!

GET THE RECIPE: https://houseofnasheats.com/halloween-chex-mix-muddy-buddies

a bowl full of halloween oreo dirt cake with googly eyes on top.

Halloween Oreo Dirt Cake

This dirt cake is everyone's favorite kid-friendly treat with a holiday twist! It's a trifle that also makes a spooky graveyard dessert.

GET THE RECIPE: https://lemonsandzest.com/halloween-oreo-dirt-cake

  • Create ambiance with lots of votive candles and candelabras.
  • Purchase or make spooky labels for wine, pop, and beer bottles.
  • Plan a scavenger hunt that keeps guests looking for ghouls all night.
  • Put a skeleton in your shower stall to scare guests in the bathroom.
  • Make funny or creepy name tags for all of your guests.

Halloween Party Favorites

ice cream in cups with halloween monsters and ghosts holding up signs.

Spooky Ice Cream Cups

Make these spooky ice cream cups for the Halloween season. They're a great way to stir up some fun, and they can be made up to a week ahead and kept in the freezer!

GET THE RECIPE: https://quichemygrits.com/halloween-ice-cream-cups

marshmallow cauldrons with a spider on top for party treats.

Witches Cauldons

Witches cauldrons are a fun and delicious spooky Halloween appetizer that is NO BAKE! The spiders will have you at HELLO.

GET THE RECIPE: https://alekasgettogether.com/halloween-cauldrons

cake sickles that look like monsters in bright colors for halloween.

Halloween Cakesicles

Cakesicles are perfect for a spooktacular party or as homemade trick or treat candy! They make perfect gifts and great trick or treat handouts.

GET THE RECIPE: https://www.keep-calm-and-eat-ice-cream.com/halloween-cakesicles

colorful donuts on a purple background.

Frosted Chocolate Fall Donuts

Dress up your party dessert table with this amazing recipe for Frosted Chocolate Fall Donuts. They're the perfect finger food in neon colors!

GET THE RECIPE: https://www.whiskingwolf.com/donuts/frosted-chocolate-fall-donuts

green witches brew in a mason jar with a worm coming out of it for halloween party treats.

Witches Brew Party Float

Make this not-so-creepy Halloween Witches Brew party float drink for your next event! It's one of those Halloween punch recipes you'll never forget!

GET THE RECIPE: https://www.rachelteodoro.com/2018/09/creepy-halloween-witches-brew-party.html

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