turkey florentine lasagna in a casserole dish
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Turkey Florentine Lasagna

Sometimes it’s hard to get in the required amount of veggies every day, especially if you’re trying to feed fussy eaters. Turkey Florentine Lasagna to the rescue! I promise if you make this dish, no one will care if you throw spinach into the mix. They also won’t notice you […]

Portobello Chicken Lasagna in casserole dish
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Portobello Chicken Lasagna

Planning a date night? Family get-together? Serve Portobello Chicken Lasagna to your loved ones and the stars will align in the sky. Or, enjoy this delicious dish all by yourself. You’ve earned it! Portobello mushrooms are meatier in texture and hold up well in the creamy alfredo sauce that binds […]

Bowtie Greek Pasta with veggies in a bowl
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Bowtie Greek Pasta

What’s not to love about bowtie pasta that tastes like a Greek salad? I can’t think of anything better to serve on a scorching summer day than Bowtie Greek Pasta. It’s got everything you love in one big bowl….tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olives and pasta. Yum to the YUM. Kalamata olives […]