deviled eggs on white platter
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Deviled Eggs

Don’t you just love deviled eggs? It was my Daddy’s favorite food in all the world. Our family fights over these eggs at BBQ picnics and holidays. Who’s gonna get the last deviled egg? I sure hope it’s me this year. I gotta admit, I really don’t like making these […]

sundried tomato pasta in a blue bowl
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Sundried Tomato Orzo Pasta

What’s not to love about these tiny little noodles that soak up all the flavor of sundried tomatoes, lemon and feta cheese? Oh my gosh…this pasta is delicious. To say I love orzo pasta is deceiving.  I adore it. I created this dish for my dear friend’s bridal brunch. To […]

potato salad in a white dish on a colorful background
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Red Skin Potato Salad

Potato salad is a personal thing. Everybody has a recipe for it, and hardly anyone will vary from their version. But, if you’re feeling adventurous, give Red Skin Potato Salad a chance. It’s one of those comfort foods that will sneak up and surprise ya. Most people who try it […]